Friday, August 27, 2004, 08:08 AM - NEW AEROMATIC BLADES
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I have several hundred used F200 hubs. I have only about six or eight 220 hubs. These hubs will be NDT'd for damage, they will be inspected to the drawing. There will be no such thing as oversize or undersize parts in these Aeromatic propellers. Therefore the propellers will be virtually new.

I have approval to make blades that range from 68 to 78 inches diameter used on the F200 hub and from 78 to 93 inches diameter for the model 220 hub. The F200 fits a flange shaft engine and is FAA approved up to 180 hp at 2800 rpm. The model 220 fits a 20 spline shaft and is approved for up to 260 hp at 2200 rpm or 235 HP at 3000 rpm. The HP and RPM varies depending on blade design on both the F200 and the 220.

These propellers were certified on more than 70 different models of airplanes. I will be putting a F200 on my 0-360 powered Bellanca 14-13 before long. I want to run hell out of it to see how well it works and holds up. If it does well on that 4-banger it ought to work on just about anything.

PRICES. When Univair had the business they were able to buy the laminated block of wood, from which you can make two blades, for $65 each. I am paying $481 each. The plastic coating material cost them only a few dollars per propeller. The material was cellulose nitrate, same as photograph film up until about 1950. The ecology wackos considers this material a bomb. It is only made in other countries any more and the price is out of sight. All the costs have escalated considerably. That is OK with me because I am not using the plastic any more. I had a stack of it in my hangar, it was quite old, it spontaneously combusted and burned a lot of stuff including my Bellanca. All blades will be composite coated. You can have them painted black, white or maybe clear finish.

NOTE: UV radiation will eventually cause degradation of most man made materials. If you want the clear finish you should be able to hangar your airplane or provide a propeller cover that blocks UV.

Below are photos of typical props and blades that I am producing. The two bare blades on the left in are under construction. They just came out of the profiler and are ready for hand finishing. Notice that the blade is a pusher. It will have a mate and it will be 58" long. It is a very good propeller. The white propeller is new production. They are wood covered with fiberglass. It is a 72" propeller.

I have FAA approval to finish certified blades with fiberglass.
The white propeller in the picture does not have certified blades. The reason being that they are not made from a sacred FAA blessed wood block. However the block of wood is identical to the certified block, it was just made before I got FAA blessing. Though I will make blades/props for the experimental market they will be identical to certified props.

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