People that make Aeromatic propellers.

Kent Tarver
Kent Tarver started flying lessons in 1944. He soloed in a J-3 cub that had a tail skid and no brakes. He soloed in that Cub 12 October 1945. He joined the navy in 1947 in hopes of being assigned to Naval aviation. But he was put on a destroyer instead. Got discharged in 1951 with rate of E-5, Radio Operator. You know (-.- . -. -) Didnít do much flying while in Navy. He bought and restored a Taylorcraft BC-12D in 1954. He next owned a Cessna 170A, Luscombe 8A, TriPacer PA-22, Bellanca 14-19-2, Cessna 182, another PA-22, another Luscombe 8A, Geronimo Apache PA-23, a Bellanca 14-13-2 with a 180 hp Franklin and CS prop and another Bellanca 14-13-2 with an 0-360 and CS prop. He still has the Geronimo and the Bellanca with the 0-360.

He is a commercial pilot with instrument rating in MEL, SEL, SES and has logged over 6000 hours with about half of it in tail wheel airplanes. He joined Lockheed in April 1958, worked at Lockheed in Van Nuys, CA., Sunnyvale, CA., Lockheed Rye Canyon research facility and Lockheed Burbank, CA. He joined NASA JPL in 1975 and retired in 2000. While working at NASA he bought the Aeromatic propeller works. He went to Fallon, NV., in 1997 and started building his hangar for the prop works. For 3 years he commuted, 1997 through 1999, while his hangar/factory building was being built at the Fallon Municipal Airport. It didnít take 3 years to build the hangar but the contractor had many other jobs to take care of and he wasnít in a hurry.

He obtained a Certified Repair Station for propellers in 2000 and got PMA for propeller blades in 2005. He has been supporting the Aeromatic prop ever since.
The work has gotten too much for a one man operation so he has imported his No. 1 son, Glenn to help him make propellers.

Glenn Tarver holding prop

Glenn is 44 years old. He has helped his father, Kent, restore a Luscombe 8A, a Tri Pacer and a Bellanca 14-19-2. He displays above average skills and is really into aviation. He has his Private pilots certificate and is qualified and flys the Bellanca Cruisair.

Glenn Tarver inspecting prop

They have a RV-6 slider under construction but with the present work load making propellers it is on the back burner for now.

And finally a message from Kent to his fellow pilots. Why sugar makes you not only fat but also sick.

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