Pilots, this message is for you.

I am going to tell you what causes high blood pressure, cancer, heart disease, and death by these and their related diseases. I shall also tell you what causes your enlarged prostate or prostate cancer which goes by the name prostatitis in at least one medical dictionary.

First I want to define a few terms. SUGAR, CITRIC ACID, THEY, AMERICAN DIET and YOU.

SUGAR. Sugar is defined as any one or a combination of two or more Refined Sweets, more specifically Refined Carbohydrates. They go by the innocent sounding names like Concentrated Fruit Juice, Concentrated Grape Juice, Evaporated Cane Juice, Molasses, Honey, (molasses and honey are already concentrated) Tiburion Sugar, Raw Sugar, Fructose, Maltose, Lactose, Dextrose, and a few others that I can’t remember right now. Virtually all of these sugars fall into two basic chemical names, C12,H22,O11 and C6,H11,O6. These are the chemical names for REFINED CARBOHYDRATES. I will use the letters RC as the definition of SUGAR. All sweeteners used in processed foods are over 80% RCs. Of course some of them are 100% RCs.

CITRIC ACID. Citric acid is either a concentrated citrus juice or it can be extracted from acetone and glycerol. Over time it causes your bladder to fill with a semisolid substance called “Calculus”.

THEY. THEY is my word which describes the medical academia, AMA, NEJM, NCI, ACI, patented medicine men, food processing companies, medical and food TV & Radio commercial writers, your friends and neighbors.

AMERICAN DIET. The average American consumes 36 teaspoons of RCs, along with a few other poisons per day. And you are an average American. Yep, that is true. That is about about 150#, (68 kg) per year.

YOU. You are an average American.


If you have a cold, there is a cause, remove the cause and you will not have a cold. No cold medication needed.

If you have a head ache, there is a cause, remove the cause and you remove the head ache. No aspirin needed.

If you have cancer, there is a cause, remove the cause and you remove the cancer. No TREATMENT needed.

If you have tooth decay, there is a cause, remove the cause and you remove the tooth decay. No fillings needed.

This is a true fact for all diseases, ailment, pains etc.


SUGAR I’ll try to be brief. Dr. Nancy Appleton states in her book Lick The Sugar Habit, that the average person consumes 36 tea spoons of RC every day. She further states that the average person’s liver can maybe tolerate 2 teaspoons of RC per day. The other 34 teaspoons of RC are suspended in your blood and when the blood gets saturated with RCs it is stored as fat in many people. And those that don’t get fat until late in life have a lot of degenerative diseases much sooner that those fat people. Here is what develops after 40 or so years of 36 teaspoons of RCs every day. RCs cause plaque in your arteries. RCs cause colds. RCs cause arthritis. RCs cause tooth decay and periodontal disease. RCs cause strokes. RCs cause heart attacks. RCs cause high blood pressure. RCs cause blood disease. RCs cause poor altitude tolerance. That’s right, with your blood saturated with RCs the transfer of oxygen from the air to your blood is greatly diminished. If your blood is free from RCs then you too can fly at 18,000’ without the need for supplemental oxygen. What are the early symptoms of being over dosed on sugar? Acne, and an enlarged liver along with a few other things that show up in adolescent years. And sometimes in many younger children. If you want good health you must get your RCs intake so low that your liver can clean your blood and keep it clean. So, how can you tell if you have achieved that condition? The answer: One way is that you will not have athletes foot. Another way is that small skin wounds will not get infected, even without medication. There are many other ways but these two are sufficient to start with. NOTE. Germs, fungus, bacteria. These microscopic organisms need moisture and RCs to multiply. If you take away moisture or RCs they cant multiply. If your blood does not contain RCs then your wound will not become infected. It’s that simple. Notice that I did not include Glucose in my definition of SUGAR above.

THEY tell us that glucose is ever present in our blood. And I suppose THEY can make glucose from a variety of chemicals. Fine with me. But the glucose that is naturally present in our blood does NOT support infection, unless perhaps some of man-made glucose in ingested. So, as far as I am concerned the natural glucose that is formed in the body is not a member of the RCs family.
You eat the average American diet. You obey what THEY preach. You are a sucker for what THEY push at You. You fall victim to the preponderance of stupid commercials that are designed to make You do what THEY preach. You do not question the propaganda that THEY propagate via the many branches of the media. You get a steady stream of “Oh! So good” sweet, sweets and more sweets pouring out of the boob tube into your home. And there is not a single word warning you how dangerous all that sweet junk is.
THEY say that diabetes is not caused by consumption of sugar. That is both hog wash and bull _ _ _ _. THEY say that salt causes high blood pressure. Well if you have 36 teaspoons of RCs saturating our blood then it may be true. But I am here to tell you that if you don’t have RCs in your blood stream then salt does not raise blood pressure.

Citric Acid rarely comes under suspicion as a cause of any problem. Citric acid has several sources. Citrus fruit, acetone, glycerol and perhaps others. By far most of the citric acid that is used in the food industry comes from acetone or glycerol. It doesn’t make any difference where it comes from. Once it is in that power state it is all the same. Don’t believe for one minute that citric acid derived from ”natural” sources, because it has been greatly concentrated, is any less damaging to your body. That is hog wash.

Citric acid IS the cause of prostate swelling and eventually prostate cancer. Furthermore it IS the cause of OAB (over active bladder) or a loose bladder in women. Citric acid also causes fatigue and depending on how much you get in one dose it can dangerously impair you ability to fly an airplane.

So what? You, the average American, having eaten the average American diet over the past 40 or more years will find yourself in this situation. You can’t fly at night above 8,500’ (according to Dr. Blue) without suffering impaired vision. You desperately need supplemental oxygen and you are terribly fatigued after gulping down that “soft” drink just before takeoff, not to mention the far more serious poor health conditions lurking in your body. Most old pilots simply don’t know what will strike them down or when. Most seem to just wait until something gets them. If you live the life that THEY push at you then you will never know when the hammer will drop on you. When it does drop some damage has already been done. But you can check it and in some cases reverse it.

Well, my fellow old pilots, it doesn’t have to be that way. If your health has not yet caved in then you can avoid the problems discussed herein. If you are already suffering some of these health problems then I am sure you can stop the progress of the health problems discussed herein, and I think that some of these health problems can be reversed.

First; If you are going to do this, start by totally removing anything sweet from your diet, that includes sweet fruits. Do not eat or drink any food that contains any form of sweeteners.

NOTE: After you have cleaned up your blood by removing all sweets from your diet then you can start eating sweet fruits, but you can overdo that too.

Next; Do not eat or drink any food that contains citric acid. Citric acid and one or more of the sweets are almost always present together in food.

Yes, there are over 400 chemicals approved by the FDA to be used in our food. I wouldn’t even attempt to even name them, much less try them all to see what effect they have on my body. Fortunately you can accomplish what needs to be done quite simply.

Buy nothing in the food market, and that especially includes “Health” food stores, except fresh veggies and fresh meat. Stay away from pork and shellfish. (Nope I am not Jewish). Reduce your RCs and sweet fruits intake to below the threshold that your liver can handle. You can do that in perhaps 3 weeks or less. Keep it that way. Then when you see the chronic problems begin to disappear you will know that you have achieved the way for clean blood.

If you do that and keep it that way then your swollen liver will began to contract and most, if not all, of your health problems will began to go into remission. You will not grow new teeth but you will not have another cavity or gum disease.

It would take far too much space to list all the benefits you can get from doing this.

How long will it take to check the prostate problems after you eliminate citric acid? Within 3 weeks or less, but you got to get it ALL out of your diet. Early on you will notice a remarkable improvement. However total recovery is a slow process. It took years to get into citric acid trouble, it’s not going away over night. Three years away from the last dose of citric acid you may well be able to make those 4 to 6 hour flights without having to make an infamous “pit stop”. If you’ve had one of the “Rotor-Rooter” jobs I can’t tell you what benefits you can expect, except that there will be some improvement. Whatever it is that has accumulated in your bladder, due to citric acid, is not going away very fast. You will need to carry a catheter with you for a while because one big dose of citric acid can tighten it up. Calluses will go away in a few years, some much sooner. So, get the citric acid out. If you remove the cause then the effects will respond.

Many if not most degenerative diseases are kept “alive” by continued “feeding” the disease. Arthritis? I have none. Colds? Very rare and more rare as time goes on. Headaches? None. Pot belly? No. Swollen liver? No. Fat? No.

Why do I credit RCs (sugars) with all the many degenerative diseases? Answer: A polluted and poisonous blood pollutes and poisons every cell in your body. Knowing that, the answer is obvious. Sick blood, sick organs, sick cells, sick body.

One more thing. I take nothing. The mainstream belief is the if you are suffering from something or other, TAKE something or other. I take no aspirin, no OTC drugs, no prescription drugs, no vitamins or any other thing that is not food. I don’t need them. You can get off the dependence of those “cures“ too. Sure, you may need aspirin to kill a head ache but if you stop “feeding” the head ache you will not need an aspirin.

Important note: If you are dependent on a drug for some reason I am not advocating that you quit it cold. You must clean up your blood first then experiment with removing the drug from your diet.

Don’t think for one nanosecond that you can gain any benefit from “cutting back” on sweets. When you are over dosed with 36 teaspoons of sugar (RCs) a day and you “cut back” to 18 teaspoons of sugar (RCs) a day then you have not accomplished anything and none of this will work for you. Get rid of ALL sweets until your liver begins to function properly.

This information will save or prolong your life. No, I take that back. This information, if acted upon, will prolong your life in better health.

Do you want your blood pressure to be normal? Then do what I say. Do you want to pass your flight physical? Then do what I say. GET THE SWEETS OUT OF YOUR DIET. Not just a few, ALL OF THEM!!!

If you do what I say then you too can fly at 18,000’ altitude without the need for supplemental oxygen. I sat in the altitude chamber at Beale AFB with two airline pilots and about 12 members of the California State University, San Jose flight team. Also in there with us were two military guys, wearing their oxygen masks, to watch over us in case we passed out. We first went on oxygen then the sergeant pumped us up to 18,000’.

The sergeant outside and the two guys inside were really concerned about this old fart (me) since I’m obviously much older then any of them. I think I was 76 at that time. Everyone was connected via intercom. While the two military guys were hovering over me and the sergeant outside was talking to me one of the young guys on the flight team passed out. So they pushed the oxygen mask in his face and revived him. At this altitude several of the others in the chamber had to go on oxygen. I still didn’t need the oxygen. Then the sergeant outside pumped us up to 25,000’. Within 30 seconds everyone in the chamber was on oxygen except me. The two military guys inside were hovering over me waiting for me to pass out. The sergeant outside kept talking to me via intercom, asking me how I felt. I told him that I was doing just fine. (without oxygen) He finally got impatient I reckon because time was ticking away. After a couple of minutes or more he asked me if I felt any symptoms at all. I told him that I felt a slight nausea. He them said, “You wouldn’t want to fly an airplane feeling like that, would you”. I replied, “probably not”. He then told me to put on my oxygen make, which I did. He then began to pump us back down to sea level.

I related this story to AOPA because via them a lot of my fellow pilots could greatly benefit by the knowledge that I have presented above. AOPA ignored me so I reckon

AOPA thinks I am a liar and make up stories for self aggrandizement.

A while ago AOPA asked for first person experiences from members. I think they were looking for stories to publish in their “Never Again” column in the Pilot magazine. I sent them the following story:

I was moving a new C-172 from Truckee-Tahoe (TRK) airport over lake Tahoe to Minden -Tahoe (MEV) airport. There was a storm moving in from the SW. A great big lenticular cloud was above me as I flew east, at about 9000’ msl, over the lake and was attempting to let down over highway 50. So, after I passed over the east side of the lake I throttled back for the descent. Visibility was good and I could see the airport from where I was. The air was smooth and I was relaxing thinking I was descending. But when I glanced at the ROC it was pegged at 2000 fpm UP! I realized this was not quite right so I did a 180 and returned to over the lake and let down to about 7500’ and planned to exit over Spooners Summit Pass, which is 7146’. Apparently the wave action was increasing because as I exited the lake area I was again caught up in the updraft and this time I could not get out of it. I turned around, pulled power back to idle, put the plane in a dive, up to maneuvering speed, but to no avail. I kept going up at over 2000 fpm. I tried to stall and spin it but it would not stall. By this time I had passed through 15000’. I was concerned. I had recently read an article about seeking advise from the “senior local pilot” if you were having a problem with local weather. So, I called Carson City Unicom and asked for advise. By this time I saw 18000’ go by on the altimeter. After we exchanged a few words the guy at Carson told me that I was in a mountain wave and to fly 030 and I’d run out of it. (the wind was from about 210) I did as told. By now my mouth was dry, couldn’t speak and I was looking at my fingernails for the telltale blue as I passed through 22,000’. I figured this was the end of it all for me. But right at that time a powerful down draft rotor hit the plane so hard that I knew the wings had broken off, two loud bangs and sever negative G’s. Sounded like a gun being fired close by. Suitcases came flying out of the back and hit me and the instrument panel. The ride got smooth again as I wrestled the suitcases away from the co-pilot wheel and back to the rear out of the way. The ROC moved from it’s pegged position of 2000 fpm UP to a new pegged position of 2000 fpm DOWN. As I lost altitude I began to feel a little more like normal, my mouth lost it’s dryness, I could talk again. I felt like I had been reborn or something like that. I looked out the side window and below me was the Minden airport. So, I landed without further incident.

AOPA thinks I am a liar so again they ignored me. I reckon they figured that no one could survive 22000’ and live to tell about it.

If AOPA would put this in their magazine a lot of fellow pilots could benefit greatly from my own experimentation with diet and flight. A lot more pilot could see it if they published it as compared to seeing it on my website.

Since 1997 I have flow at least 75 round trips between Whiteman airport (WHP) near Burbank, CA., and Fallon, NV (FLX) California City (L71). At lease 40 or 50 of them were direct flights which takes you over the Sierra Nevada mountain, the long way. I have found that flying at 16,000’ to 18,000’ is the best way to go, especially in the winter months.

My last trip was from Lancaster, CA., (WJF) to Fallon (FLX). I called flight service to get the WX info. “A storm was moving in from the NW., etc. The winds at 12,000’ were from 270 @ 55 kts“. Maybe it was 65 kts, I don’t remember. “Moderate to severe turbulence below 18,000’, etc.” I climbed to 13,500’ over the mountains toward Bakersfield, CA. (BFL). Smooth ride. I let down to about 6000’ and flew the western slopes of the mountains up to Fresno, CA. (FCH), very light turbulence. From there I climbed up to about 14,000’ and flew direct GPS to Fallon, NV. At about 35 DME north of Fresno I called Oakland flight service and gave them a pilot report. I told them that I was at 14,000’, it was minus 20 deg C and a smooth ride and had a 50 kt headwind component. The poor guy sounded like he didn’t believe me because the winds over the Sierras were 55 (or 65) kts and they were forecasting moderate to severe turbulence below 18,000’.

On many of my flights over the Sierras I have found that as long as you are about 2000’ above the highest peaks, in winter months, you will find it smooth. There is virtually always some mild wave action that will move you a thousand feet or so up and down but that’s about it. HOWEVER, do not try this if there are lenticular clouds visible anywhere. That is when you fly down over the sage brush at about 15’ agl or should I say 15’ asb (above sage brush).

In the summer months if they are forecasting winds over the mountains above 20 kts you will have some bumpy rides. But one nice thing about flying in the teens flight levels is that you will never be threatened by other traffic.

One last story. A few years ago a Dr. Blue (I think that was his name) wrote an article in one of the journals about Hypoxia. He told the reader that hypoxia is a much greater thread that you know. He said to prove it, “At night put on your oxygen mask, turn on the gas, takeoff and climb up to 8,500’, take off your oxygen mask and watch your vision start to dim almost immediately.” So, I decided to prove him right or wrong as far as I am concerned. One night about 2100 hours (9pm) I donned my oxygen mask and took off from California City (L71) and headed for Fallon (FLX). At night I always climb to 2000’ above the mountains that I plan to fly over. I headed up Owens Valley toward Bishop, CA. (BIH) I climbed to 14,700”. It was a moonless night. I could see the faint outline of the mountainous horizon by starlight. I leveled off, set the plane on autopilot and removed the oxygen mask. I lost absolutely no vision. I could see the mountainous horizon exactly as I did while on oxygen. I wrote to Dr. Blue and told him this story. He wrote back, “Thanks for the information”.

Summary: Because I have been sugar free for the last 40 years I am able to do these things. As the saying goes “I have been there and done that”. But I can’t seem to wake any one up from their sugar induced sleep. I was hoping AOPA would relay the valuable information to the pilot community but I reckon they consider me to be a liar and one who likes to make up stories. I’ve challenged AOPA to send someone out here, fly with me and see if I’m a liar or not. They have ignored me as usual.

Now, AOPA has started a new thing about help they can offer to pilots that are about to loose their medical. I’ve told them how to prevent the things that cause them to loose their medical instead of ingesting various poisons (medications) in an effort to prolong the inevitable. But again they ignore this, “old fart liar who likes to make up stories”.

I can’t seem to awake anyone from their sugared sleep.



I’ll tell you how to quit.

  1. You are not addicted to nicotine.
  2. Nicotine is not addictive.
  3. You are addicted to the sugar that is in tobacco, added sugar, that is.
  4. Kill the sugar addiction and quitting smoking is a no brainer.
Don’t believe me? Then you can prove it for yourself.
Leave your cigarettes at home, go to your tobacco store and buy some "rolling" tobacco. Old North State or Bull Durham or Golden Grain or one of those tobaccos that is so called "dry". Roll you own and smoke them for just one day. (Maybe they don’t make that kind of tobacco any more, I don’t know). I’ll bet you can’t do so because you are not getting that sugar fix via your lungs. You will find that those dry tobaccos can not satisfy your addiction to cigarettes, sugar that is.
I’ve been there and done that.

YOUR TASTE BUDS. You are worried that foods without sugars will not taste good?

  1. The addiction to sugars have perverted your taste buds.
  2. After you break the sugar addiction your taste buds will return to normal and even water will taste good to you. (Assuming your water has not been poisoned by chlorine)
I’ve been there and done that.


After you are clean from the sugar addiction you will not eat as much food as before. Actually you will do quite well on abut 1/3 the amount of food you used to consume. I have a medium size potato made into hash browns cooked in olive oil, about 3 to 4 ounces of meat (beef) and perhaps a small tomato for my average breakfast. I don’t get hungry until mid to late afternoon. Even then I don’t need extra food to make up for it. If I am going to move a cubic yard of sand with a shovel then I will need a little more meat.

I buy the best of foods. They are a little more expensive but since I don’t eat as much as the average person then the cost is about the same as buying lots of junk food.

I’ve been there and done that.


As you inhale air into your lungs, your lungs converts oxygen gas into solution so that your body can use it. This oxygen is now picked up by your blood and is delivered to all the organs and probably every single cell that makes up your body. I don’t know how the MediCats would describe it but I think the oxygen is used as some kind of fuel that is required by you body machinery to absorb the energy it gets from nutrients you get from solid foods thus keeping all your organs working.

So, if your blood is saturated (polluted) with sugars then this process is greatly impeded. That is why you have a low altitude tolerance. And since your blood is also the carrier of nutrients, picked up from your digestive system, that process is greatly impeded also.

The net results is that you are virtually always hungry and you have a low altitude tolerance. Isn’t that self evident?

The same diet of sugars that causes pilots to have poor altitude tolerance also affects SCUBA divers. I have no medical proof of this, just some personal experience. I have a little retreat in Baja California, Mexico. On more than one occasion I have SCUBA dived to a depth of 80 feet in the morning and then get into my airplane and fly up to as high as 10,000’. I’ve never had any symptoms of the bends. (Nitrogen narcosis).

I’ve been there and done that.

Clearly tome, is that if my blood is free of the sugars then the process that the lungs perform of converting gas (oxygen) into solution for normal breathing, also is efficient in converting solution (nitrogen that accumulated in your blood while diving) back into gas for discharge via the lungs.

Isn’t this self evident?

You can enjoy these blessings too, if you really want to.


Clearly we are going to die some time. If we are in good health in our old age then we most likely will die in our sleep. If we are not going to die from a heart attack at some unknown time then we are not risking the lives of our passengers while flying. That way we will not take someone else’s life with us when we keel over. Isn’t that clearly obvious? Makes sense to me.

Some reference books you may find interesting.

Sugar Blues by William Dufty.

Lick The Sugar Habit by Dr. Nancy Appleton.

Body Mind and Sugar by Dr. Carlton Fredericks and Dr. ? I don’t remember.

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